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These White Bitches Think I Have Skin Disorder!

Well, I invented a mild-manner alter-ego named, Mr. White. He talks all nasally. He wears polo shirts. And he walks without a strut. He's just your average nice white dude...with a severe skin disorder! That's what I tell these dumb bitches anyway. And they seem to buy it every time! It's only after I've got my big black dick in their tight white pussies, making them squeal with pleasure, that I finally reveal my true thug identity.“You've just been fucked by a black dude, bitch! Ha!


White Trash Jessica Gets Taken The Fuck Out

Jessica Wood
Jessica Wood is a white trash blonde from Georgia who initially thinks that I am a black man. When I point out my Hush Puppies, Dockers and yellow V-neck sweater, she starts to warm up to the idea that I might not be black after all. When I finally tell a black joke that even her racist dad would think is funny, I know I've finally got her reeled in. So I take her fine white ass back to the office and make her mouth sign on the thick black line. Watch me fuck the shit out of this bitch in every position. I slammed her tight white pussy so hard I made her scream like baby. She loved my giant rod pounding into her tiny body, filling her up like no white man ever could. Who knows, after this fuck session, she may go black for good.

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Mr. Cracker Loves That Wonderbread Pussy

Marina May
Most white girls would find C.J. Wright's real-life attitude a little off-putting. He's a thug with a chip on his shoulder. But he absolutely loves that wonderbread pussy. So, we hooked him up with a brand new pinstripe suit and gave him some white guy training to turn him into Mr. Cracker, an assistant to Mr. White. When Marina May answers an ad for the White Power Talent agency, she gets the casting couch treatment and takes off her top to prove her commitment to making it! She then drops to her knees and sucks Mr. Cracker's thick dick before showing off her skills at riding dick. This skinny ass white girl knows to fuck and takes a pounding from his big black cock like a champ. By the time C.J. was done with her, she didn't care what color he was, as long as she could open wide and swallow his big load of man gravy.

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Vanessa Vexxx Takes It Like A Champ

Vanessa Vexxx
Vanessa Vexxx is one smoking hot girl next door who thinks she has what it takes to be a star. She contacted me through the White Power Talent Agency website and I told her to meet me at a nearby baseball park. Turns out, she grew up in a racist part of Alabama and wasn't too comfortable around black folk. So, I told her that I was really white, and had just survived a motorcycle accident where I crashed into some tar pits! You know the old saying young, dumb and full of cum? Well, she bought it hook, line and sinker! So I took her back to my apartment and made her suck on my big black cock before spreading her legs and getting a taste of that sweet pink pussy. This chick is one helluva good fuck. Rode my cock like a cowgirl as I slapped her ass like a thoroughbred. Bitch's ass was so red, she probably couldn't sit for days.

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Trashy Blond Gets Duped Into Freaky Interracial

Holly Wellin
Holly Wellin is one cock-hungry white bitch who has no qualms about being trashy. The only thing she does have a problem with is getting fucked by a black guy. So, over the phone I gave her my story about owning the White Power Talent Agency. I told her I could make her a star if she would just meet me in the park. Needless to say, she's taken back when she sees me for the first time, so I explain my color away by saying I was infected with a rare virus called E-Charcoali. She fell for it, and was soon under my spell. Watch her open wide and take my dick deep down her throat before getting her pussy stretched to its physical limits. She was barely able to walk after I got done with her.

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